Gift Boondaburra (2 Types) - Cobramode

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Boondaburra A
Boondaburra B

Ready to paint resin miniature.

We provide an upscaling and downscaling service to create your flawless mini at any size. The 'default' state of this listing is 100%, with 50% being half size and 200% being double the size. The scale in the title is the size of this mini at 100% scaling.

Need something custom? Specific size/scale, part etc.? Get in touch!

TerraFig confidently produces superior quality minis online by coupling small-format, industry-leading printing techniques with the best printers available on the market. Thanks to our proprietary high-pigment, ultra-matte resin blends we produce fully licensed prints in insane detail from leading creators that generates more definition and requires far less finishing before painting. Produced on ourhigh fidelity, true 4K and 8K (sub-34μm) high PPI printers. We squeeze every bit of detail out of stunning designs.

The image in this listing is an accurate rendering of the file that we print. These miniatures are provided unpainted and - usually - disassembled. All support material will be removed where feasible. You may have to do additional assembly and finishing with glues, files and primers.

Where possible we print our minis solid, but some larger prints are hollow with a thick minimum 3mm wall width. All of our prints are covered by our additional 90 day ‘Insanely Detailed’ guarantee (this does not affect your statutory rights).

Want to see real life examples of our prints? Visit our website or socials! @terrafigprints
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