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Cliffs Expansion Set - TerrainTiles

A set of 12 tiles from the Cliffs expansion range. Enough for a varied cliff to add to your board. We recommend buying additional boosters if you intend to use your cliff in the middle of your board as this will increase the height of your board significantly. Comes flatpacked.

  • Cliffs tile
  • Cliffs outside corner tile
  • 2x Cliffs inside corner tile
  • 4x Quarter-size Booster tiles
  • Connection combs
  • Corner locks

Please note that this early photography is of a prototype tile. It may not fully reflect the final version produced.

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TerrainTiles is a range of flat-packed, self-assembly, interlocking tiles aimed at taking your tabletop game of choice to the next level by providing a good mixture of elevated and depressed ground, wide space and customisability while still being transportable, very sturdy and easy to assemble, break down and set up.

  • Made from a higher density fibreboard for additional durability and rigidity
  • Modular set made to interlock with other TerrainTiles from our range
  • Ready to accept primers and paints
  • Self assembly set with full printed instructions - each tile takes typically 15 minutes to build
  • Made to work with any scale model


What you will need

  • PVA-based glue (we recommend a sandable PVA-based wood glue, but any PVA will work)


Anomalia Originals guarantee

We're confident you'll love TerrainTiles, but just in case we also cover any manufacturing defects found up to 60 days after you receive your product. We'll pay your return postage too if there's a manufacturing problem that we need to see!

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